Art Similarities of Architecture and Music

Architecture and music could be paralleled in more ways. Rhythm, texture, harmony, proportion, and dynamics are tied if it’s through tunes, or buildings. In any event, the qualities shared between design and music will help inspire each other. The attributes generally, the sway architecture and music may have on the significance of functions along with each other during feelings.

You could find many buildings in NYC that are inspired by music. Some of them are high-rise buildings and are considered as tourist landmarks. According to NYC’s regulation these buildings must go through The Facade Inspection & Safety Program of New York City to make sure that tourists are safe.

Design and Rhythm

Design that made me further examine the significance between architecture and music . Architecture and music have a lot of things in common like dynamics, texture, harmony, proportion, and rhythm.

Design and rhythm are alike in various ways. Rhythm has to do with routine. Patterns are located through reproduction and conquer, but could be seen in components or shapes in structure.


Texture is an integral notion of music and architecture. Texture in audio must do by devices with all the layering of rhythms and sounds. Materials in design may exhibit feel. The mix of substances can demonstrate the way they could interact with one another and a variety of textures that are unique.


Songs and architecture have stability in common. Harmony may be in a work from equilibrium or in addition, it can be into a whole through an equilibrium of a component. Architecture can reveal stability at a room during the use of materials or designs to become one distance.


Proportion in my view relates to stability in lots of ways. The proportions in audio in notes and periods will help create a stability. A balance is additionally created by proportions with substances in structure. A architectural setting cans harmonize.

Songs and architecture share dynamics. Dynamics deals with caliber. Architecture and music require criteria and qualities to produce the functions purposeful and rewarding.

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