Celebrity Singers – Body Image Matters

Pop singers today shared their message on body image with song like Beautiful by Christina Aguilera and Roar by Katy Perry. While many artists are already enjoying the benefits of “slim”, there are still other artists who, despite of the slim figure, go another extra mile to curve it better through techniques like coolsculpting offered by clinics like Nevada Wellness.

Mariah Carey Has Lost More Than 30 Pounds Since Weight-Loss Surgery

Singer Mariah Carey stunned viewers at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when she performed in a lovely dress that reveals her figure. After the event, the singer finally shared her weight reduction secret – going on a diet and CoolSculpting! CoolSculpting is a groundbreaking fat reduction process that eliminates hard to remove fats permanently! With CoolSculpting patients could eventually minimize fat that are stubborn enough to stay despite the healthiest diet and exercise plans.

While feeling good and looking good is a particularly big thing for some singers, there are a few who have a different stand point.

Lady Gaga Praises Adele for Her Confidence in her Body Image

ADELE’s thoughts on slimming and body image is just different. Her words could be inspirational but when it comes to losing weight, Adele offers no good advice about losing weight. She said it is her personal choice to keep a weighty figure.

“My life is full of drama, and I won’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like. I don’t like going to the gym,” she told Rolling Stone two years ago. “I like eating fine foods and drinking nice wine. Even if I had a really good figure, I don’t think I’d get my tits and ass out for no one.

“I love seeing Lady Gaga’s boobs and bum. I love seeing Katy Perry’s boobs and bum. Love it. But that’s not what my music is about. I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears.”

Her viewpoint on the entire matter looks like if you would like to slim down and it is essential to you, you will help it become a reality. And if you don’t give a damn, then you don’t really do something about it. Always understand that what you feel today might not be what you’ll be feeling tomorrow. And so long as there’s tomorrow, there are chances that new things are going to happen.

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