Creating Music With Sewing Machines

We all know that sewing and embroidery machines are used for sewing. But do you know that the same sewing machines can be used in creating classical music?

The band of 8 classic sewing machines along with large lighting effects have previously electrified viewers at a few of the most esteemed global celebrations, such as Barcelona’s Sonar Event, France’s Scopitone Celebration, and Montreal’s Elektra Event. This month, he’s taking his mechanised octet for the LAB30 art in Ausburg, Germany.

Take a better look at his work on a physical perspective. Sewing Machine Orchestra is interesting and gathered considerable intrigue and critique among many viewers. Making use of the wheel of every sewing machine like a potentiometer, a musical instrument just like the control that handles the volume in an audio device. Messier works the 8 machines all together to generate a sound half way in between melody and cacophony, as well as old and brand new engineering. The electronic music these machines have created can surely make you dance.

Music Created By Sewing Machines

Messier depended on a mixture of Maxforlive, MaxMSP, and Ableton Live. He also made use of do-it-yourself micro-controllers constructed by a friend as well as participating artist Samuel St-Aubin. The ending clash of mechanised tempos, blinking lights and also the existence of the analog, classic sewing machines attracts a careful consideration of the connection between audio and the items which render it, a repeating concept in the work of Messier. Multifunctionality can be another.

“When you have something in front of your eyes, you tend to use it for one intended use only, neglecting its full potential. My idea is to push the imagination beyond its everyday territory,” says Messier.

Messier has proven that music is not limited to musical instruments. Music is vast and you can create your own music using what is available around you. There are other musicians who experiment on various everyday items to produce sound that eventually can create music at its best. Among these artists is Walk off The Earth, a Canadian music group who made a big name in the industry through their non conventional and contemporary music. They have used YouTube to make their music known throughout the world.

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