Music and Art: Chainsaw Carving – Check Out The Best Jonsered Chainsaw

Art in the form of music, painting, and carving is known to many art enthusiasts. Now, let’s talk about carving specifically wood carving. If you are into music, you are probably into other forms of art like wood carving with chainsaws.

From cutting trees and timber, chainsaws have gone a long way in history. Chainsaws are now a tool for creating great wood art.

The art of chainsaw carving is known to be among the great art forms that had evolved in this new generation. More and more individuals have shown great interest in his new art form.

For anyone interested, the most important tool is a chainsaw. Read about the Best Jonsered Chainsaw before making a purchase. Your choice of chainsaw should be one that fits your hand and that’s easy to control.

Tips for Beginners in Chainsaw Wood Carving

Before anything else, you should have the right tools and safety gadgets.


  • Chainsaw that’s just right for your hands to hold.
  • Goggles to protect your eye
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • Wood for carving

1. Beginners would need a pattern. There are many patterns to download from the internet. Use one that is easy. Choose a pattern that you can easily finish.

2. Beginners mostly likely make mistakes. But of course, your masterpiece doesn’t have to be perfect. Learn from those mistakes and move on.

3. Practice makes perfect. Keep on creating new designs each day. Be encouraged and take each masterpiece you create an inspiration for the next one.

4. Keep it sharp. Just like in any woodcarving projects, your tools should be prepared to do the work. So sharpen those blades and you can expect an easy carving work done.

5. Burn the edges of your masterpiece. You want a quality finish. You can do that by slightly burning the edges of your masterpiece.

6. Finish it with varnish and oil with linseed. The final touch will protect your masterpiece. Just like with any wood, it deteriorates through time but with proper finishing touches and the right care, it can last for more than a lifetime.

Basic Chainsaw Carving 101

Chainsaw wood carving is an art that excites many. When you finally get the right touches and expertise, you can join shows. And you can even sell your masterpiece.

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