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yoga musicMusic shows that people are definitely more than just flesh and bones. Music is actually proof that we are made of body, soul, and spirit. In the past, music came to exist from devotional methods in civilizations around the world until it evolved to cool instrumental music in jazz-pop culture.

The aum or ohm sound had been chanted for a very long time. This sound had been believed to be the first human sound manifested by the divine creatures. The sound of music is well regarded as spiritual in many civilizations all over the world.

Many yoga burn DVD reviews have noted the importance of music in the practice. Even though yoga can be done without music, the combination of both has a great impact to inspire, encourage, and relax the mind. Music and yoga is a powerful combination that can provide therapy to those who are low in spirit.

While music is an inspiration by itself, the practice of yoga has specific requirements when it comes to the choice of music. Hard and metallic rock definitely does not coincide with yoga, but there are other upbeat music that, in fact, go with some yoga stunts.

Relaxing Yoga Music: Indian Flute

Traditional Indian music. This type of music is the popular choice for yoga. The beat syncs with the right breathing techniques being used in yoga. And encourages relaxation in all areas of the body.

Some Good Choices of Music for Yoga

Music by Snatam Kaur. Of all the yoga classes that had been attended, the music of Snatam Kaur had been said to be the number 1 choice. It’s soft and traditional by nature, one that you would want to listen all over again without really tiring yourself with yoga stunts. Yoga students had, in fact, enjoyed the stunts while music is being played in the background.

Instrumental piano music. A certain piece by known pianist Yiruma had been among the best choice of yoga enthusiasts. This particular piece, “River Flows in You” is a favorite among many students. Just listening to the music eases the mind and relaxes the spirit. The music, in fact, helps boost the power of yoga. While some instrumental music is not a good choice for yoga, some still prefer Yiruma’s music playing in the background while doing yoga.

Regardless of the choice of music, yoga has always proven to provide powerful healing properties. Yoga exercises have varied healing points that many can benefit from.

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