The Relationship of Music and Visual Art

Music has impacted artists in many ways through time. Lots of the great musicians symbolized musical instruments as well as occurrences in works of art and statues through the entire generations. Music lessons as well as folks actively playing musical instruments had been frequently well-known images for works of art. To this date, creative content agency are using music in all of their work. Why not? Music touches the soul and the inner core that of the human nature.

BRIC House Art Into Music Exhibition

For instance, a brand new event at the BRIC House New York is exploring the relationship among music and visual art. It is exploring the countless ways in which music not just motivates visual artists, but also the complex connection between pop culture, visual arts, and the mass media.

“Music is the most accessible of art form, and the one by which we most commonly gauge the tenor of our culture. For the visual artists featured in this exhibition, music, its platforms, and the communities that surround its varied forms, act as a means to fluidly think about culture, identity, history, and society. Many of these artists employ music itself, creating works that merge the auditory with the visual. Their works are not only multi-sensory, but also multivalent, offering the possibility of connecting and drawing meaning broadly, on levels that are emotional and intellectual, personal and collective.” — Elizabeth Ferrer, BRIC’s Director of Contemporary Art explains

From Landscapes to Soundscapes

Art is more than simply pretty panoramas or other sensible illustrations. Pictures that one can see and appreciate now need the participation of all of the sensory faculties, especially the ability to hear. Sounscape does just that. It is a mixture of sounds that forms or comes from an impressive surroundings.

“We have all our encounters of the strength of sound. Within the multi-layered local community of sounds around a forest lake or the thrilling heart of a thunderstorm, within the gentle atmosphere of a community or the soul-shaking metropolitan cacophony, we discover our spot in one thing bigger than ourselves. Frequently, we observe our soundscapes just in passing. Sometimes, we drain in deeply as well as obtain the benefits of connection, experiencing a context inside which humanity’s dance is actually but a peculiarly unperceptive piece of the entire.” — As Cummings / Soundscape Artists

Sound is completely around us and it is comprehensive. Music is sound. Without sound there’s no music.

Music and Visual Art

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